Posted by: Judy | October 8, 2015

One New Thing…

Over and over, I’ve read that if you want to change you have to do one new thing.

I get it. I do. I thought I did new things. Maybe I was kidding myself.

Maybe I needed a different perspective. It popped up in Just Friends. To change, you have to do one new thing. I’m hoping if I repeat it enough, it will finally sink in and take hold like a barnacle.

This week, I’ve been tackling my eating problem. I love crunch. I tend to choose crackers, potato chips, and cookies. None of those are healthy. Carrots give me heartburn. I can’t eat apples on a regular basis. Tummy can’t handle it. I’ve never been a huge fan of celery.

However, of those options I decided to give celery another chance, since it’s never adversely affected me. I bought some on Tuesday. I came home and washed it and cut it up.

I also bought two different brands of Matzo-tyle crackers. If it’s really crisp I’m after, then the bland flavor shouldn’t matter. Like air-popped popcorn without butter or salt. Work with me!

Just tried the Yehuda Matzo and love it! It’s imported from Israel, so expensive comparatively speaking, but I’m learning the value of investing in a few things I really enjoy.

Yes, I recognize that I couldn’t leave it at only one new thing. Maybe with two, I’ll feel like I have choices. 🙂




  1. That’s great! I’ll have to check into matzohs. I’ve heard recently that when we’re frustrated, we like crunch. Makes sense to me!

    • That makes so much sense. Thanks for the insight, Cassandra.

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