Posted by: Judy | October 6, 2015

Words vs Actions

Evan Sanders, over at “The Better Man Project,” shared this thought:

“Action expresses priorities.” ~ Gandhi

Evan also mentioned Randy Pausch The Last Lecture. “Ignore everything they say and look at what they do.” Randy also talked about looking for the head fake in sports. They move their head one way and move their body the opposite direction. If you know about it, then it doesn’t catch you by surprise.

I could complain about the insanity of living with a narcissist. What they say and what they do are ever at odds. Lies are the order of the day. Truth is woven in so randomly that it is sometimes startling to stumble over it. However, the truth is always countered by a lie. They’ll state a truth and then do something opposite of it, or they do something truthful and lie about it.

I’m still baffled by all the lies told when the truth would have suited perfectly well. There was absolutely no need to lie. It was in watching this happen, again and again, that I finally had to admit that truth had absolutely nothing to do with it. All that mattered was the story the N tells him/herself, and to them that is the only truth.

They won’t change. They don’t want to change. They don’t see a need to change. Everything is fine by them, if only everyone else would get with the program.

What hit me this time, and we’ve discussed this before but it’s been a while, is looking at what I say and what I do.

I say, “Writing is a priority.” However, writing is usually the last thing I do in the day. Sometimes it isn’t done. I run out of day before I manage to spend time on my stories.

Here’s the conundrum: I prefer waking early in the morning. I have an hour or two before I have to interact with anyone. I like that. I walk before my brain figures out I’m exercising or how insane it is to be out at such an hour. Morning is a good time for me to do practical things, laundry, dictation, FB, emails, reading blogs, stuff that doesn’t require a lot of thought or at least only brief bursts of it.

As the day moves on, I’m able to tackle editing, writing blogs, reading. I’m using more of my brain.

My creative thought, the ability to create something out of nothing doesn’t show up until evening. I have a few hours, and then I’m falling asleep.

I know I’m supposed to be sharing my stories. In order for me to do so, I actually need to make writing a priority. It is, but I hate sitting in front of my document with my mind blank, so I use distractions, like FB and reading.

Maybe, this month, I need to focus on learning how to make writing a priority.

Granted, when I have editing show up from my publisher, everything else is pretty much put on hold. I work in things that need to be done, but it’s worked around my editing schedule, instead of working my editing schedule around it.

I need to learn how to work everything else around my writing schedule instead of working my writing schedule around everything else. The “everything else” easily takes more time than I anticipated. This might be something I need to work out with paper and pencil.

Sketchy outline: I’d like to work on editing what I wrote the day before, in the morning. It shouldn’t take long, and it will kick my brain into gear… Maybe, I need to simply start with that one thing. See how it goes, and add as I’m able.




  1. I wonder if your ability to prioritize editing a bit better than writing is that you know your editor is waiting on it. I have a tendency to do better when it’s someone else’s expectation. When it’s something just for me, it tends to get pushed to the side. I think that’s why with running, I like having a coach and a training plan. It sort of takes me out of it and becomes a hung I a, accountable for. It’s a bit of semantics, but it’s been enough to “trick” me into allowing running to be a priority.

    • Good point. Yes, I’m more willing to disappoint myself than someone else. I haven’t figured out how to change that. I need to figure out a “trick” that will work for me.

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