Posted by: Judy | October 1, 2015

2015 Gift List October

How am I doing on my Gifts to myself? Otherwise known as New Year Resolutions or Goals. I like the idea of Gifts better.

1. Tarnished Knight published. I don’t have to do anything except advertise. Yes, January 11, 2015, or thereabouts.

2. Publish the paperback edition of my Holiday, USA anthology 2014. Signed up with CreateSpace at the start of January. 13 Feb.

3. Publish Faith’s Labor in eformat. 5 May.

4. Hunt for new authors I enjoy reading. Yes.

5. Maintain a gratitude jar. So far so good, sort of, not doing as well lately. When I started I wrote something every day. I’m down to writing something once every one or two weeks.

6. Wings to Fly published in eformat and paperback. Again, I don’t have anything to do except advertise. Yes, 21 Feb.

7. Tarnished Knight in paperback. Also taken care of by my publisher. Yes.

8. Publish the paperback edition of my Holiday, USA anthology 2014. Yes, I posted this twice. It was huge, and I needed the push. 13 Feb.

9. Attend the Ren Faire. 21 Feb.

10. Keep a list of books read and create a favorite books list for the end of the year. So far so good.

11. Blurbs for my series for my publisher’s website. 1 Mar.

12. Article for my publisher to be featured on the blog the second week of March. 1 Mar.

13. Rough draft of Reluctant KnightDone.

14. Work on The Blessing BasketSaving for next year. Outline the next novella.

15. Plant comfrey seeds. 2 April, along with lavender and rosemary. A new Easter tradition that has little to do with food unless I’m adding herbs or other type of garden plant, like tomatoes. I’d like to do tomatoes next year. Sadly, my comfrey seeds never sprouted. The lavender was fried by the end of June. The rosemary is still alive. As of now, the lavender and rosemary are dead, though I’ll be planting new, and the comfrey seeds are growing!

16. Celebrate me being a good mother to me, per Darlene Ouimet:


17. Participate in conference. Done.

18. Turn in Reluctant Knight. Only by the grace of God. Done. Thanks God.

19. New novella. Just Friends

20. Work on self-care. I’m making plans to rework some of my routines.

21. Participate in writing camp online. Done.

22. I’m going to participate in the Eowyn Challenge, again. I did this several years ago, when I was biking about 22 miles 2-3 days a week, and 10 miles the other 3 days a week (90-100 miles a week), along with walking and physical therapy. I took Sunday off. It can’t hurt. Haven’t started yet.

23. Study Grace. In the process.

24. Decide to like myself. I have a relationship with myself; it will work better if I like myself. ~ Inspired by Joyce Meyer Working on it.

25. Edit Reluctant Knight. First and second round done.

26. Rough draft of Errant Knight.


27. Study prayer.

28. Exercise 200 minutes a week, 30 minutes Monday thru Friday and 50 minutes on Saturday.

29. New novella.

30. Final edit Reluctant Knight.


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