Posted by: Judy | September 30, 2015

Anxiety Attacks

I’ve been exceedingly pleased with myself for a while. I read about anxiety attacks and congratulate myself on doing pretty well handling them. Then PTSD Support and Recovery posted this on FB:


Well, shoot. Yeah. Every. Single. Day.



  1. Ugh, mostly the second one for me with the third thrown in on occasion. At least now I’m able to identify it: “Geez, I’m feeling anxious.” Before , it manifested as a certainty of doom and I drank a lot to calm it down.

    • Less of the first one, but the others usually show up at least once every day. And now that you mention it, yes, I handle it with food… hmmm… I wonder if I use eating as a way of grounding? Need to think about that.

  2. For me, the first one or the last two.

    I’ve never thought in this way, but when I think, it’s right. Of course it’s a sign of anxiety.

    • Yes. This one opened my eyes. Now, I know, so now I can work on changes.

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