Posted by: Judy | September 25, 2015

Good News Friday

*I’m so enjoying the spring flowers over at Railway Parade:

You’ll want to click to the next post, too, to see the office. 🙂

*Reluctant Knight is back to the editor.

*To celebrate, I enjoyed a day of reading for fun.

*Donna Kreevers Driver, another author with Desert Breeze Publishing, takes quotes and adds them to pictures. She did this one for me:

God-size Hole by Laurel Hawkes

What was something good in your week?



  1. I know this is off to the side of your post, but your quote reminded me of how I’ve said I have a mother sized hole in me where my mother’s love was supposed to be, and that once I stopped trying to fill it with the wrong stuff (like alcohol) and simply acknowledged the hole’s existence, I started to feel somewhat better.

    I’m so happy you got your edits done! Enjoy your break!

    • Actually, that isn’t off at all. Perhaps I should have clarified that it was in reference to a discussion about finding the right spouse. Although, as I think about it, I’m learning to put God in the parent-hole in my heart. I’m still using food, though. Practice.

      Thanks! I am.

      • Oh man, I’ve seen lots of people try to “conplete” themselves by getting married. A good spouse is a complement not a substitute for being a whole person. Good clarification.

        The tough thing about the parent-sized holes are that they can be black holes and suck the life right out of you 😦

        • Sadly, yes. I think a lot of people also think their spouse can fill that parent-sized hole. I hate seeing that. Creeps me out a bit, too.

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