Posted by: Judy | August 12, 2015

Self Care…

One of my goals is to improve my self care. I had over a week home alone. It was lovely. I baked and cooked and experimented.

Walking two miles every day is too much. I’m so tired I end up sleeping off and on all day, every day. However, a one mile walk every other day works well, at least for now. I do my physical therapy every day. I stretch most days. I use heat and a tennis ball to target pain points some days, but not every day. I haven’t remembered to work on the Eowyn Challenge.

Sleeping 7-8 hours a night makes me cranky and difficult to be around. I’m still using lack of sleep like a tranquilizer. This does not stop me from attempting to sleep normal hours. Long ago, I read somewhere that it’s the hours before midnight that matter most. Not giving up on making sleep work for me.

This is what started this post:

Have you read the most recent update? Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. It was all a lie. There was never any study. In fact, a recent study that was actually done proved that those who skip breakfast lose weight. The 1900s should be known as the century of food lies. Other lies as well, but not dealing with those.

Butter is better. Margarine is no longer available; now, it’s called a spread. Eggs don’t affect cholesterol the way they thought. No salt in your diet will kill you; your body needs salt as it helps the electricity in your body move around. No fat in your diet will also kill you; for the record, your brain is fat. Soybean oil has been found to cause weight gain more than high fructose corn syrup.

Still a good idea to have a little something when you first wake, in the morning. Your body needs to know that you are not going to starve it to death. A banana, apple, yogurt, something to let your body know food is still on the table, so to speak.

I’ve added a little variety to my meals:

Beef wrap, as in flour tortilla, couple of leaves of Romaine lettuce, diced Roma tomato, taco and nacho pre-grated cheese, and hamburger.

Ham and cheese and bread and butter, couple of slices of ham, sliced and rolled, mozzarella cheese slices, and a roll buttered with my freshly made butter.

Mashed potato, stuffing, green beans, and chicken, Idaho instant mashed potatoes. Sorry, I’ve tried to do fresh potatoes, and if I do them as oven fries it’s easy-peasy. If I want mashed, then it’s more work than I want to put in. Boxed stuffing, Kroger brand. French cut green beans. Chicken was part of a baked chicken I bought from Fry’s. Easy-peasy. Nuke the potatoes and put into one half of the bottom of a bowl. Heat the stuffing, and spoon into the other half of the bowl. Nuke the green beans and spoon over the stuffing and potatoes. Chicken on top. Yummy and easy. All done in less than five minutes.

Brownie bites, otherwise known as mini muffins; two is about four to six bites. I made four different varieties of Ghirardelli boxed brownie mixes. They’re all yummy, though my favorite is the Dark Chocolate, followed by Supreme Chocolate.

The brownies are a nice change of pace, but I also like Sprout’s Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. I’ve discovered I prefer So Delicious Coconut milk ice cream sandwiches over regular ice cream sandwiches.

Life is too short and food too much a part of every single day not to have fun.



  1. Yum!
    I’m glad you had some time to yourself!

    • Thank you. It was lovely. 🙂

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I’m glad you got some time to yourself. I recently got a couple days of free time, but sadly, was having some of those not-so-great kind of days, so they were gone before I even knew they were there. But still, it’s important to have quiet time, alone, sometimes.

    One of my new favorites things in my diet is salads with fruit in them. Lots of greens, but also strawberries or grapes, and sometimes even some apple or pineapple. Gives it a different twist. 🙂

    • Hate when I lose alone days to those not-so-great days. So disappointing. Enjoy those twists. 🙂

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