Posted by: Judy | August 6, 2015

Don’t Bury It…

I read a post the other day where the writer talked about burying the undesirable things in their life. Behaviors, desires kept floating to the surface, so their solution was to bury it deeper. Red Flags popped up for me.

Whatever we bury will make its way to the surface, again and again.

It’s best not to touch, but we’re children. We’re curious, and we’re disobedient. Sometimes we make lousy choices. Sometimes we make bad choices, and sometimes we choose evil.

Evil prefers to be buried. Evil likes the dark, where it’s comfortable and can grow unhindered. The deeper it’s buried the deeper the roots grow.

Sunlight is a great sanitizer, so is Son Light. The Great Cleanser of our Souls begs us to give everything to Him. He meant it. He doesn’t want bits and pieces, here a little, there a little. He wants it all, every tiny, last, itty-bitty bit.

Because of His Eternal Sacrifice, He is empowered with the Gift to accept all the ugliness we handover and truly let it go so it is no more.

It’s mortifying to reveal all that filth and imperfection to the One who is Perfect, but mortification is only a last ditch effort by the burdens in our life to convince us to hold on a little bit longer. Holding on serves no one but the adversary. The longer the adversary is able to maintain the wedge between us and Our Savior, the more opportunity for him to add a little bit more distance.

Unearth the undesirable habits and turn them over to God. It isn’t like you’re actually hiding it from Him anyway. The only one you’re hiding it from is yourself and setting yourself up for it to surprise you later in a moment of weakness.

The good, the bad, and the ugly, give it all to God.


  1. That’s absolutely better than to bury it

    • Difficult to learn.

  2. Hmm it is..
    I just had to read that article again and to write some more thoughts about this subject.
    I’ve was living to long with my narc and I developed a lot of undesirable habits during this time. I know it was wrong but I had no strength to do anything about it. So I buried it all and hoped I never faced it again. But it didn’t work at all.
    Now when I’m a free woman, things are coming back, one by one. And I have to deal with it.
    I throw my burdens on the Lord and ask him to help me to deal with my undesirable habits and thoughts in a healthy way. It’s a work which has to be done, even it’s painful. But it is a healing process. And I need healing from the inside and out.


    • Bless you ((Lyckliga Lisa))

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