Posted by: Judy | August 4, 2015

Interesting List…

A bit of this and that…

This link was posted on FB:

I recognize this, and I recognize a few of my friends in this.

I confess I’m still feeling a bit brain dead from finishing Reluctant Knight. I’m not worried. I should give myself a week to recover, but I never do. I’m endeavoring to at least slow down a bit… give myself a little more leeway.

On Saturday, I baked four different varieties of brownies. I probably shouldn’t have done that. Back was sore. However, it was a relief to have it done. I bought the brownie mixes when they were on sale back in January. Yes, they’ve been sitting there for about six months, waiting. Done! Funny, didn’t put that on my goal list. Should have. Anyway, it’s done! They’re yummy, but I think if I’m going to make brownies I should do them from scratch. I read what was in the mix, and I think I should be able to recognize what’s in my food.

The next novella is on the desktop. Cowboy showed up Saturday night, though I didn’t know that was his name until Sunday when I couldn’t stop thinking about him.



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