Posted by: Judy | June 2, 2015

Game Changer…

Thank you Lilka Raphael over at “B is For Blessed.”

It was a tough read. It’s always difficult reading about someone else’s loving thoughts of returning to the home of their childhood and seeing it as a safe place. It’s a perspective I’ve never truly understood. It isn’t that I doubted them, it simply wasn’t an experience with which I could identify.

Usually, I simply skip these kinds of posts, but I’ve been following “B” for a while and always leave her blog inspired. So, I buried my discomfort with the topic and read it to the end, and was inspired in a way I never imagined.

I left this comment:

The home of my family here on earth is not a safe place. However, with God, I’ve always known I’m safe. He didn’t protect me from what happened there, but through His word, I learned He knows the end from the beginning and the purpose of everything in my life. He is my refuge, my rock, my safe place. Thank you, with all my heart; this is the first time I’ve felt like I truly understand this.

All my life, I’ve searched for a safe place. It’s been there all along, and I’ve retreated there over and over and over again. I simply didn’t see it for what it was. Why?

It didn’t match the picture I had in my head: A lovely little cottage, in the mountains or on the beach. A place where my things were about me, where I didn’t need to hide or at least stay out of the way. A place where I could enjoy cooking and relaxing with friends. I kept looking for a physical place. Oddly enough, I knew it couldn’t be a physical place, but I hoped and looked for one anyway. Even as a part of me knew it wasn’t a physical place.

I’ve always known God was supposed to be my safe place. I endeavored to make it so, but there was a chasm I couldn’t cross. I needed to see beyond the physical to the place in my heart. I don’t know precisely what changed or if it’s simply a case of a bunch of changes coming together at the right time in the right place.

As I read the post, I appreciated where she lead me. I felt the need to write a comment and thank her. It was as I wrote and the words appeared on the page that I recognized the truth of those words. Yes, this is how God works with me. I shut up and write, and words fall into place. God is not limited by our limitations. He uses our strengths and our weaknesses to reveal Himself and His great love for each of us. He cries with us and rejoices with us. The one thing He does not do: He does not live for us; we must do the living ourselves.


  1. Nicely said. I think it is a game changer too when we can identify the ‘invisible scripts’ – like the pictures in our heads – that don’t make sense to us. It relieves us of a burden of thinking this is how it ‘should’ be.

    I read her post and I thought of ‘home’ to me, I’ve moved around a few times and I have never felt like there was ever a physical place to call ‘home’. It made me think of my own ‘invisible’ definition of home as a physical place.

    • “It relieves us of a burden of thinking this is how it ‘should’ be.” I hadn’t realized how much I focus on how it ‘should’ be instead of creating a happier could be. Need to change that.

      • Thanks for your blog post and the link.
        I think you both are completely right.
        Sometimes we are so busy with thinking of how the past was or how we wish things should have been, that we forget that we are living here and now.
        We can’t change our past, but choose to make a better now and a better future.
        With love

        • Exactly. Thanks for visiting, Lyckliga Lisa. I popped in on your blog and wondered what language I need to translate from (or learn 🙂 ) to read it?

          • It’s Swedish. ☺
            I think Google translate is quit good, and it’s possible to understand evereything

            • Thank you!

            • I was jus checking Google translate for my last text and for Fågel med bruten vinge/Bird with broken wings and it was sometimes terrible bad translation. So I have made some changes on Google translate. Hoping that the translation is better now

  2. “creating a happier could be…” Priceless! 🙂

    • Thanks, and thank you again for the inspiration.

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