Posted by: Judy | May 22, 2015

Good News Friday

*I found a new author I enjoy reading, Melissa Tagg, Christian Contemporary. I’ve read a short story and purchased one of her books. Hoping it holds up to my expectations. 🙂

*David Rutherford, over at Team Froglogic, is a motivational speaker.

Maybe it will help if I schedule time every day with one of my motivational people. I have a dozen books.

*Dog time!

*P.croissant with my sister and on my own. So yummy.

*Lunch with a friend.

What was something good in your week?


  1. When I think of Friday, I think of you. ha! This has been another difficult week for finding something positive. We’ve had four l-o-n-g weeks of anxiety and fear running wild in my imagination. And then my daughter’s therapist reminded her: “Don’t base your decisions on fear. Ask yourself what you want based on what you want.”

    So the good news for this week is that some of the things I’ve wanted to do, but been fearful of doing, are on my Task List. Yea, why let fear do our thinking for us?

    And my African Violet is blooming beautifully this morning and it’s been raining all week so we haven’t needed to irrigate the flower gardens and I went to Costco yesterday and bought rotisserrie chicken for lunch with a Kale and Chou Frise salad. YUM!

    • 🙂 Good advice and improves with practice.

      Go you!

      “…why let fear do our thinking for us?” One reason is it’s a habit. Fear used to consume our world, like an old friend… and old creepy friend. It isn’t easy to let go of what’s familiar. Which doesn’t mean we aren’t going to learn to change.

      Ooooo I love African Violets. I can keep them alive, but they’ll never bloom again. Hooray for God watering. 🙂

      Mmmm sounds yummy.

      Thanks, czbz!

  2. Schools out for SUMMER!!!!

    • Woohoo!

  3. I got to see my husband’s grandmother and my mother-in-law this week, which was nice.

    • Good!

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