Posted by: Judy | May 7, 2015

Some reminders…

First, I think the nicey-nice campaign is over. NM wanted to renegotiate my time in the kitchen. It was all about making it more convenient for me, of course. I said, “no.” I didn’t see the point of discussing something she rarely respects on a daily basis anyway. The times work for me, when I’m allowed to have them. Without interruption is rare as hen’s teeth. The only guaranteed alone time in the kitchen is when they’re gone.


Grace for my Heart shared this:

There is nothing easy about this topic. There is valuable information in this article. It does not cover all the possibilities. This is a starting point. Pretending like nothing bad will happen because a person is faithful or doesn’t associate with “those kind of people” is dangerous. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. It’s ugly. It’s evil. One of evil’s many tools is the ability to make a good person look away. Don’t look away. Look evil in the eye, and call it what it is. Evil doesn’t like the truth.

Something to remind me I need to take care of my body, for it’s a blessing:

A bit of joyous relief from Beautiful Silliness:

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