Posted by: Judy | April 26, 2015

Inspirational thought from Holley Gerth…

This is a good reminder:



  1. I just love this, and it came at a time when a friendship felt in jeopardy but for the first time I spoke up, and she apologized without adding a nasty side remark. Wow. Now I will use this to let her know I received her nice note in the mail and how much her note meant to me.

    • Glad it helped. 🙂

  2. Resonated with me.

    friends for a reason – like that person you connect with that shares a piece of your history, and understands what if feels like to try to recover from an abusive past, or that person that is the only other person you know that collects rocks or postage stamps

    friends for a season – someone you form a very deep connection with, perhaps while recovering from the death of a loved one, or when exploring your newly rediscovered faith, and even though the friendship might be brief, it is intense and complete

    friends for a lifetime – those people who stay in your life throughout all the various changes, no matter where you work, or where you live, or who you spend time with; they end up still as friends, even if from a distance

    • A lovely deeper exploration. Thanks, ntexas99.

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