Posted by: Judy | April 24, 2015

Good News Friday

Monday: Writers In The Storm offered a sprint opportunity. Not the running kind, the writing kind. I accepted the challenge. A total of 13,524 words, starting at 4 AM and working through to 10:18 PM. I have NEVER done that many words in a single day, ever, even with a re-write. I added about 4,000 new words today, re-arranged, and made it a whole lot better. I want to try this, again, only using more reasonable hours, for the book coming up due.

Wednesday: Nephew worked my arm. It’s improving! Knee is also improving!

I mentioned the knee problem and decided to show the improvement. I guessed about how close I could put my feet and then how close I’m able to do now. Improvement!


Yes, the weave of the socks means they massage my feet, and the words on the socks say, “No nonsense.” 🙂

Thursday: I met with three of my writing friends at P.croissant. Always fun.

My Schwan’s guy shared an ice cream sandwich. I love them but don’t dare buy them because an open box is an empty box.

Found my ear plugs! And using them.

Despite continued violations of boundaries, I don’t need to worry about the fact I look lousy in orange. (No crimes committed. 😀 ) Take your celebrations where you can find them!

What was something good in your week?



  1. Finished the project on time. Drove home safely today.

    • Woohoo! Both good and important things.

  2. I slept last night! Rough week because of a dental appointment. That half hour upset many days.
    Love your humor, ‘an open box is an empty box.’ Felt so sorry for myself I bought ice cream, a freezer full. It’s gone. And won’t be in my freezer again till next year. Or longer if possible.

    • WOOHOO! Sleep is good! Ugh! I hate dentist appointments, which reminds me I’m past due making one. 🙄

      Good luck with the ice cream. 🙂 I discovered that I’m able to control myself with coconut milk ice cream sandwiches. Yummy and I’m happy with one.

      Go you!

  3. That sprint challenge sounds cool! Kind of like a mini NaNoWriMo.

    I got my First Aid/CPR/AED certification emailed to me from Red Cross this week. Part one of getting my running coach certification 🙂

    • A mini NaNoWriMo for those of us who struggle with a month-long commitment. 😀

      Good for you! Congratulations!

  4. Sounds like you had a pretty good week. It’s going around. 🙂

    Great to see the progress with your knees. Nice when you can actually see results happening. That sprint challenge sounds like a doozy, but I bet it was also kind of fun to prove it could be done. Ear plugs are a good thing. I actually keep a pair in my purse, just in case. And by the way, NO ONE looks good in orange. Except maybe clowns and criminals. 🙂

    • 😀

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