Posted by: Judy | March 12, 2015

Another great blog from Scott Williams…

Scott is another one of my mentors. It’s probably important to mention that I don’t always agree with those I choose as my mentors. This is healthy. This means I’m learning to own my thoughts and feelings.

The Golden Ticket post was really cool for me. I love learning. I discovered early on if I could have been a professional student, I would have excelled. I also knew early on that it wasn’t an option.

Scott’s post encouraged… validated my need to constantly learn…

Writing allows me to incorporate my love for learning. I share what I learn.

Scott then posted about books. This is my sister’s response to the same post:

Side note: Other members of My Team include things I don’t think about, not like friends and counselors: Musicians, FB, anyone who offers an uplifting message. They may not even realize or intend it, but I decide what inspires me and what doesn’t.


  1. I think books saved my life by showing me ere was another way to live and who I wanted to be.

    • Apparently books didn’t teach me to double check my spelling when on my iPad though 😛

      • LOL! I’m not your spelling teacher, so it’s okay. 😀

        Absolutely yes about books showing me another way to be.

  2. I enjoyed the article! Me2, I could have been a professional student. 🙂

    • 😀

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