Posted by: Judy | March 11, 2015

God answers fast, sometimes…

After I listened to Drops In the Ocean, I found an article about how your childhood affected your health:

One of the questions asks about seeing abuse, and from what I learned from my counselor, it doesn’t have to be a parent. It could be a sibling.

The article talks about those with 4 as opposed to 0 or 5 as opposed to 0. How about 9?

The odds are against me, but God is for me, which makes the odds in my favor.

To reenforce that message, I opened Motivating Daily and found this:

Can I speak to the manager please?

Who is in charge of your life, your health, your fitness, your education, and your voice in the world?

You are!

~ Phil

Me and God, and God brings bunches of amazing people into my life to help me or for me to help. Unbeatable.

To be certain I received the message loud and clear, Hope for the Broken Hearted posted a quote on FB from You’ll Get Through This by Max Lucado:

“Whatever we may have to go through now is less than nothing compared with the magnificent future God has in store for us” (Rom. 8:19). What is coming will make sense of what is happening now. Let God finish His work. Let the composer complete His symphony. The forecast is simple. Good days. Bad days. But God is in all days. He is the Lord of the famine and the feast and he uses both to accomplish His will.”

Message heard, received, and embraced.


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