Posted by: Judy | March 10, 2015

Sometimes God answers prayers…

…fast. I’m accustomed to being answered mostly slow. On rare occasion, I’m stunned by how fast God answers a prayer.

Sunday morning, the swelling in my leg had decreased significantly. It was now only over the areas I’d actually injured. A question popped into my mind:

Do I really believe God will heal me?

Honesty is demanded in order to move forward.

I do, and I don’t.

I believe if it’s His will He’ll heal me. Sort of. I still struggle with doubt. The apostle Paul finished his life in prison, undelivered. In many ways, I’m in a prison.

Every Sunday, I have a weekly inventory with myself. I realized it had become a cataloguing of what I’d accomplished during the week. The original purpose was to help me look inward, and I’d turned it into an outward inventory.

Do I believe God will heal me?

Breathe in. Breathe out. Search my heart.

A little voice whispers in my head: Why should He?

K-LOVE is the station my alarm clock is set to play. Yes, I set an alarm clock on Sunday morning. I have some alone time, and I don’t want to miss it.

The very next song to play was from Hawk Nelson Drops In the Ocean:


  1. It is funny how songs can bring things into perspective with words and sound. Grateful for music. xx

    • Amen. ((TR))

  2. Amazing song. Thanks for having a version with the words to read. Hugs.

    • You’re welcome. ((Ruth))

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