Posted by: Judy | March 6, 2015

Good News Friday

Croissants with my sister one day and on another day with one of my friends at P.croissant.

Lunch with a dear friend.

We had some lovely rain and some beautiful sunshine.

Time with the dog is always great.

I’m finally through the year plus writer’s block. Yes, I managed to finish a couple of novels this past year, but it was a painful fight for every word. Not to mention I questioned every day if I was really a writer. I’m back to having my characters natter in my head and a pretty decent daily word count. Thanks, God.

Watched my sister earn her orange stripe. She isn’t taming her dragons; she’s training her dragons. Very cool.

What was something good in your week?



  1. Getting my orange stripe. 🙂

  2. I’m dog sitting for a few days and it’s pretty great (except that she gets super anxious when she’s alone so my husband and I have to tag team watching her if we want to run errands)

    • I enjoy spending time with my BIL’s dog. Bless you for being patient with her.

      • She’s a rescue pup and lord only knows what sort of treatment she had before my in laws took her home. She’s an excellent dog and sweet as she can be.

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