Posted by: Judy | March 4, 2015

An occasional reminder…

My sister shared the following link on her blog, last week:

I’ve worked through a lot. In many regards, I’ve reached the point where I’m able to say, “Yeah, it happened. So what?”

One of the many books I read advised reaching this point. I thought I had, a number of times. Each time, I was wrong. I am improving.

Interestingly enough, it’s been in accepting all the problems that are a part of my life that has made it possible to accept myself and all my imperfections. Okay, something else I’m working on and improving.

By accepting all the problems, I no longer had to wonder what I could say and what I couldn’t, except as it related to what I wanted others to know.

This particular post was a good reminder for me. I recognized myself in those cartoons. I’m also able to see I’ve made progress. The whole idea is to be better than my previous self. Hey! Something I’m doing right.



  1. Thanks for sharing this link, needed this today

    • You’re most welcome. ((rootstoblossom))

  2. One of the things that troubles me about people who want (demand) you to “get past it” is that you truly never do. But it’s ok if you are able to accept who you’ve become and make the best of the devastation abuse has wrought. There’s a difference between just putting a van said over it and overcoming. But overcoming, to me, isn’t about forgetting or denying that I’ve been harmed and changed by my experiences.

    • Amen!

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