Posted by: Judy | March 3, 2015

Sharing a bit of my writing life…

A Special Offer from Arizona Dreamin’!

Good news! In honor of the enormous Tucson Festival of Books (March 14-15), Kris Tualla, co-founder of The Dreams Convention is offering a “special event pricing” of only $59 for readers in honor of the event.

A special “Buy Now” button is already on the website:

Tickets must be purchased BY MARCH 22nd – one week after the Festival – to get this price.

ALSO – Buildin’ the Dream is $10 off during the same time period.

This event is author focused, with a variety of helpful workshops. I’ll be teaching one on “A Writer’s Environment.”

The link below will take you to both events. Tickets are purchased separately.

I have four tickets available. Those who purchase my tickets (simply tell them Laurel Hawkes sent you when you purchase the ticket) will receive one of the gift baskets I’m making for ticket holders, including an autographed copy of Holiday, USA Anthology 2014, which will not be available for sale at the event.


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