Posted by: Judy | February 24, 2015

Make it worth it…

…by Joel Runyon over at Impossible:

So many things are coming together. I’m afraid of things coming together faster than I can keep up.

This week, I’m being more mindful about what goes in my mouth. It is worth it? If it is, then I’m not allowed to complain… actually, I’m not allowed to complain about a conscious choice. I decided. If I’m not happy, then I need to make a different choice. My responsibility.


  1. I was thinking after your post the other day about sleep that improving that could help you with your weight loss goals. Lack of sleep adds to increased cortisol levels, which can lead to weight gain. I think it is both a metabolism thing and a stress-eating thing.

    • Good point. I still do too much stuffing-type eating, attempting to shut up the stress, which, of course, doesn’t work. Definition of insanity… 🙄

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