Posted by: Judy | February 21, 2015

Oh, Look…

The fifth and last book in The Silver Locket Sisterhood series is available.

Wings to Fly


Samantha Merritt wants a forever relationship, but painful lessons from the past interfere with her ability to trust anyone, including God. Despite her friend’s reassurances ‘this guy is different,’ she refuses the offer of another blind date, until she meets him. Now it’s too late…


Jordan Tyler trusts God to protect him but also believes in doing his part by avoiding people who guarantee extra drama. Accepting a blind date with an abuse survivor is not his idea of a leap of faith, more like a fall into stupidity, until he meets her. Choosing friendship didn’t mean love would follow…


God looks on the heart and sees what mortal eyes do not. Only an All-knowing God would pair a couple who worked so hard to avoid each other. The only thing standing in their way of their own Happily Ever After is them…


Available in eformat wherever ebooks are sold and available in paperback at Amazon.


  1. I started another one of your series a couple days ago. I am enjoying it so much! I am excited to have more of your books to look forward to.

    • I’m so happy you’re enjoying them!

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