Posted by: Judy | February 10, 2015

Meme debunking…

“Happiness is the ability to move forward, knowing the future will be better than the past.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Mr. Ziglar is big on feel-good sayings.

This sounds so good, and yet the slightly off feeling shadows it.

I think of someone like Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture, and one of my heroes.

I struggle with keeping my head above the ever-present depression. I endeavor to be cheerful and hopeful. It’s a battle, especially when my brain is going blank, a lot. Am I in protection mode? Or am I truly having that much trouble concentrating on anything? Even books I enjoy.

There will be happy time and sad times.

One can’t know what the future holds except one thing: It will be different in some ways and the same in other ways.

I decide if I face the future with trust that God is in control no matter what happens or if I give in to the false fears of the adversary. There most assuredly will be difficulties. Pretending there won’t be is setting myself up to fail. I’ve spent most of my life doing that, after having been taught how by an expert.

No matter what the future holds, God will be there. He’s okay with me breaking because He’s able to make me whole with a touch. I will comfort my fear with the knowledge that even should life turn out worse than it is currently, life is only a small moment in eternity. God’s got this.


  1. The song “Tomorrow” from Annie just popped into my head. Actually, the sun may not come out tomorrow. It depends on how the wind blows. I think it’s good to look at the potential for the future to be better, but “knowing” that it will be can lull you into a false sense of security. It’s better to be prepared for come what may. Maybe that’s because when I’ve been happy, I’ve been knocked down.

    • I’ve noticed that as well. Beware of happiness… I’ve learned to think a little differently about it. Peaceful times are an opportunity to rest and prepare for the next storm. Being prepared helps me weather the storms better. I’m endeavoring to learn to stop fearing the coming storms. Instead, I want to enjoy the happy moments and face the storm with the knowledge sunshine will follow.

      • That is a lovely way of looking at it. Something to remember. xx

        • Thanks ((TR))

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