Posted by: Judy | February 5, 2015

How do you think?

I’ve been frustrated with my inability to figure out how to self-publish my paperback. It is not rocket science. It really isn’t. I uploaded the manuscript and realized I’d forgotten some minor things I wanted to add. Easy-peasy. Correct it and continue.


I need to correct and re-upload, but things aren’t exactly the same. The clutter in my head of what’s already been done and what needs to be done is in the way. I endeavor to sort it, but it’s like attempting to hold back ocean waves. It they don’t hit you head on, they wrap around and hit you from behind.

I complained to my friend who has been a wonderful help in my self-publishing journey. I wanted to simply start over from the beginning. My friend dissuaded me and explained how to work from the middle.

The day passed with me struggling to understand how it was supposed to work and going nowhere. I complained to my sister.

My sister said, “You’re a linear thinker.”

Wait… what? I’ve written a book from the end to the beginning. Another I wrote from the middle in both directions. Several books were written starting with chapter two or three, and I had to go back and write the beginning. Another I had to cut the first third and switch it with the next third. Still another I bounced back and forth, depending on the scene in my head. Whatever.

Okay, so I write however the story comes, but when I have to perform a task I need to be able to do it in order. When I think about it I knew this. It’s how I do recipes. In order. Always. It’s easy if I set everything out on the counter, in the order it will be used; I move each ingredient to the table or put it away when I’m finished with it. No second guessing if I’ve added it, though I do still lose count in the middle sometimes. Most disconcerting and annoying, but it’s how I think, so I need to learn to be kind with myself about it.


  1. I am a linear thinker too, when you described how you cook, that is me exactly. It is really helpful for some situations and in others, I struggle. You are right and it’s a comfort to me – learn to accept that and be kind. 🙂

    • ((TR))

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