Posted by: Judy | January 25, 2015

A bit of inspiration…

I’m not a fan of the desert. A humidity level of 2% any time of year is brutal. Stepping into a temperature of 120 degrees is like stepping into a blast oven. I love our winters. My “New York City” coat (a friend who grew up in NYC and knew cold bought it) is finally useful, for a few days. I love green, the kind of green only lots of rain provides. Then God sends a sunrise like this:


Dust and a little bit of moisture, like those wispy clouds, provides stunning color. I do love our sunrises and sunsets. I captured this shot last month.




  1. The one time I went to Phoenix (it was spring of either 1990 or 1991), it had just rained a bunch and the whole desert was blooming. It was so gorgeous and almost alien looking to me.

    • Spring in the desert is stunning, with eye-popping colors and outlandish designs.

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