Posted by: Judy | January 23, 2015

Good News Friday…

I made butter, in a Mason jar. From now on, I want fresh butter for my toast and fresh bread and pancakes. Yummy.

Chatted with a dear friend who lives half way across the country. Our lives have been busy, and it’s been a while.

Cleared away a bunch of stuff. The dog’s bed is visible, as in about half of it. I took a midway point picture.

My anthology is closer to being published.

A couple of my writing friends showed up at P.croissant at my usual visit. Wonderful chatting. They offered some great marketing ideas for the tickets I have to sell for the Arizona Dreamin’ Readers’ Event.

What was something good in your week?



  1. I’ve missed the past Good News Friday, it helps me to see the positive especially through rough weeks. This week I am trying really, really hard to practice self-compassion after the FOO holiday visit. I’m going slow and telling myself that is okay whenever a thought comes in that I should be doing more, functioning more. xx

    • ((TR)) I’m happy this helps. Be nice to you. 🙂

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