Posted by: Judy | January 22, 2015

Circling back…

We’ve talked about it before. I’m writing about it again, because I’ve circled back again. Bah.


I endeavor to make a sleep a priority. I know sleep is important in order for my body to heal itself, along with healthy eating and exercise. Working on both of those, too. However, the latter two don’t give me the trouble the former one does, things like nightmares.

Sleep deprivation works as a tranquilizer.

For almost a week, I did well at being in bed between 9:30 and 10 PM. Then the nightmares started. I woke up two mornings in a row with wolf spiders invading my dreams. *shiver*

I appreciate spiders. They eat bugs like cockroaches and flies other nasty creepy crawlies. I’ve a you-stay-in-your-space-and-I’ll-stay-in-mine kind of relationship with the eight-legged creatures. On me is a definite violation of my healthy boundary.

Going to sleep is once again dreaded, so delayed until I can’t stay awake anymore. I eat to stay awake, which makes losing weight difficult. It will go on for several weeks. I’ll begin to relax because the dreams won’t come back. I’ll work at making a sleep a priority and go to bed early.

And the nightmares will come back.

Vicious circle.

I’m not giving up. One of these days, I’m not going to have nightmares when I sleep in a healthy cycle.

For the record, I do know the significance of the dreams. I’m scared and feeling vulnerable. My first self-published paperback is almost ready to be downloaded to the site for approval. Thanks to my sister, it looks beautiful on the inside. I’m looking forward to what my cover artist, Carol Fiorillo, creates for me.

One more step.



  1. I almost never have a night without some sort of bad dream, so,e scarier than others. Hugs, Judy.

    • (((Judith)))

  2. I have bad dreams from time to time and I find that it affects the next day rather than a result of a ‘bad’ day. I often wake up and remember it – wishing I hadn’t. This morning was like that – trying to focus on making the day it affects better. I think it is cool that you can recognize the significance from dreams, unless it is obvious I struggle to know what it means. xx

    • I don’t always know the meaning. This is simply an easy one because self-publishing a paperback has been on the list of things to do for almost a year. I’m not thinking about much of anything else, even though I should be focusing on the two writing projects on the table. Maybe those are a couple of the spiders. 🙂 ((TR))

  3. Funny how even though we can (sort of) explain away why we are sometimes plagued by nightmares, it doesn’t seem to slow them down. Too bad putting a name to them doesn’t immediately cause them to disappear. Hang in there, and just keep moving toward that goal. It seems like especially in this past year, you’ve been really dedicated to achieving definable goals, so even though you still experience some of the discomfort and anxiety, I’ll bet there are also days where you are simply amazed with what you’ve been able to accomplish. Praying for more of those days for you, because you deserve them. You’ve been working hard.

    • Yes, and thanks ((ntexas99))

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