Posted by: Judy | January 12, 2015


There are days when I wish some of these would pop up and play automatically to remind me:

Of course, The Anima Series message for women:

I’m feeling out of sorts. It may be a series of events or it may be the overcast weather and the mild headache that doesn’t go away. I’m weary but not sleeping well. There’s much over which I’ve no control. There are things I need to do, but I run out of day to do it in. I’m easily distracted. This isn’t new. Things take longer than I anticipate. This isn’t new either. I’ve always had trouble gauging time. Or is it the slight dissatisfaction with the books I’ve been reading, some of which are favorite authors. Is it them or is it my own frame of mind?

Something I’ve recently been thinking of doing is a debunking of memes. So many cutesy sayings are being passed about. Some are lights in the darkness. Some are viewed as light, but there is a darkness within them.


  1. I’m curious to read your debunking of memes, excellent idea.

    • First one tomorrow.

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