Posted by: Judy | January 2, 2015

Good News Friday…

Final Author Approved Wings to Fly is in. I’m relieved the series is done but a little sad, too. The ebook will be published in February 2015, and the paperback will come out the following month.

After stuffing food, last week, I’ve done better this week.

I love my cover artist for Desert Breeze Publishing. Carol Fiorillo is amazing; she depicts so well what’s in my head.

I enjoyed New Year’s Day with my sister, baking and watching NCIS reruns and Chopped. 😀

I’ve found a couple of Christian romance authors I like. I want to read another book or two before I decide.

We’ve had some lovely rain. Other parts of the Valley actually had snow.

One of my goals, last year, was to make sleep a priority. Interestingly enough, I found $25 pillows on sale for $6.25. I bought three and lined them along the wall-side of my bed. I purchased a soft blanket for half price; it’s more like a lap quilt. I use it up by my face. My aromatherapy dog is named “Happy.” Really. The bed is more like a couch, and I’ve created a warm, inviting nest. We’ll see what the coming year brings.

What was good in your week?



  1. Spending New Years Day with my sister. Having a play day with grandkids.

    • 🙂

  2. My mother-in-law got us hooked on HGTV. My husband dubbed it Crack TV. We’re not even thinking about remodeling or moving, lol.

    Your bed/nest sounds lovely.

    • I enjoy the home improvement shows. For me, there’s something about watching the transformation. So often, I’m surprised by what these designers are able to see. I look at the space and can’t see much beyond a new coat of paint; they look at the space and completely change it.

      Thanks. 🙂

      • Yah, we remodeled a kitchen in one house, almost totally remodeled a second house and then built a third from scratch. All very rewarding projects, although the massive remodel one was a challenge since we actually lived in it while ripping the whole back open. We had to do dishes in the bathtub for awhile and cooked on an electric cooktop :-/

        You’re kind of redecorating your space 🙂

        • Why, yes, yes, I am. Thanks for the reminder. It made me smile… actually, it made me laugh. 🙂

        • I watched one of the breakthrough shows, aside from This Old House, decades ago, and I remember them saying the best way to remodel a house is move out and do it. I’m impressed by your acceptance of the challenge. 😉

          • Well, there was a reason we chose to build the current house from scratch. We’re nit freewheeling 28-30 year olds any more. 😉

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