Posted by: Judy | December 31, 2014

The word for next year…

Can you guess what it is?

Richard Paul Evans posted this before Thanksgiving. I finally worked my way around to reading it last week. I wasn’t ready before.



  1. “Too often we forget that joy is not the result of blessings, rather, it’s the result of acknowledging those blessings. Indeed, there are none so miserable as those who will not acknowledge the good in their lives.”
    Great line!

    • Yes, it is, and I needed to see it.

  2. Wow this one is tougher for me than I might have thought. I don’t have much gratitude right now, not sure I ever have. I’m in constant pursuit to fix and change everything that is wrong, I don’t think I even know how to feel gratitude or how to start. Maybe this is one of the biggest symptoms of depression and PTSD, hoping actually, because I don’t think I like being compared to Stalin and these type of stories always leave me feeling guilty and like ‘what is wrong with me’. I know I should feel fortunate for much of my life, but those darn ‘shoulds’ never help much. When you feel life itself is a burden, it is so hard to be grateful for it. I recently discovered joy was possible, so maybe gratitude is not impossible. And I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh, but all I could think of little Nathan Glad, was well of course he can do it, he has loving parents. I want to take ownership of my current state of mind, but can’t help returning to a -I didn’t get here alone, it’s not my fault- mentality. Maybe not the healthiest way to think, or maybe it is. Honestly so lost right now.

    • (((rootstoblossom))) You recently expressed gratitude for your husband and children. In fact, you frequently express gratitude for them and for your job, even as you acknowledge it isn’t perfect. I think abuse survivors are caught in a difficult spot. We were expected to be grateful for being abused. I hadn’t ever considered what a betrayal that is… this is going to need a post of its own. I think next Tuesday is my first opening.

  3. I especially liked the reference to it not being about the glass being half full or half empty, but just being glad to have the glass. When we’re struggling to find gratitude in our lives, it’s natural to filter everything we see through our own feelings of what we’re missing out on, and we end up forgetting to acknowledge that we at least have the opportunity to choose. As long as we still have time in this life, we can choose.

    • Amen!

  4. I needed this. Thank you for posting it.

    • You’re most welcome.

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