Posted by: Judy | December 19, 2014

Good News Friday…

I enjoyed lunch with a dear friend.

Editing for Tarnished Knight showed up. This is a good thing. I’m on schedule. God willing, it will be turned in tomorrow.

Christmas shopping is almost done. It was different this year.

I’ve released the Christmas I envisioned all my life, a vision based on lies. I’ve allowed myself to more fully embrace the truth of Christmas.

Because I’m attempting to celebrate food instead of punish myself, I picked up a pizza. Two pieces taste as yummy as three, but I don’t feel uncomfortably full. I also enjoy cold pizza for breakfast. Really.

The parents had to run errands, and I embraced the unexpected time alone and baked a cake. I actually am able to enjoy cake without overeating.

As I was editing, I found a typo everyone missed. “Sooth” instead of “soothe.” I don’t know why it caught my eye, but something nudged me and whispered, “check it.” Thanks, God.

What was something good in your week?



  1. Now I want pizza πŸ˜‰

  2. Nutcracker

    • Happy to hear it went well. πŸ™‚

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