Posted by: Judy | December 18, 2014

C PTSD treatment…

From yesterday’s link:

Shared from PTSD Break The Silence with Exa Marie Jones.

Removal of and protection from the source of the trauma and/or abuse. No. However, I am learning healthier boundaries.

Acknowledgement of the trauma as real, important and undeserved. Yes.

Acknowledge that the trauma came from something that was stronger than the victim and therefore could not be avoided. Yes.

Acknowledgement of the “complex” nature of C-PTSD – that responses to earlier traumas may have led to decisions that brought on additional, undeserved trauma. Yes.

Acknowledgement that recovery from the trauma is not trivial and will require significant time and effort. Yes.

Separation of residual problems into those that the victim can resolve (such as personal improvement goals) and those that the victim cannot resolve (such as the behavior of a disordered family member). Yes.

Mourning for what has been lost and cannot be recovered. Yes. Blessedly, my counselor also let me know I would mourn for the rest of my life when triggered, and it’s perfectly okay.

Identification of what has been lost and can be recovered. Working on it.

Program of recovery with focus on what can be improved in an individuals life that is under their own control. Yes, and ongoing.

Placement in a supportive environment where the victim can discover they are not alone and can receive validation for their successes and support through their struggles. Something I’ve worked to create myself, with God’s help.

As necessary, personal therapy to promote self discovery. Yes and may look into it again.

As required, prescription of antidepressant medications. No. Probably best if I don’t, as I don’t respond to medication as expected.

There are a lot of yeses there.


  1. There are a lot of yeses. You’ve worked long and hard to be where you are today. You are so amazing. Hugs.

    • I’ve been blessed with a lot of help. ((Ruth))

  2. This is wonderful progress. It is great to see as I’m going to start reading more about this. xx

    • ((TR))

  3. The more knowledge we gather, the more we find ourselves in a position to understand some of the how and why of our responses to external and internal stimuli, and hopefully, we gather clues along the way that help us shape our future responses. It has to be gratifying to see so many yeses that apply to the list. It definitely shows continued progress. Yes? 🙂

    • Yes. 🙂 Knowledge is power, and I decide how I use it. I was quite surprised to see how many yeses there were, pleasantly surprised.

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