Posted by: Judy | December 12, 2014

Good News Friday…

I repotted my Christmas Cactus. I actually have two now. How cool is that?

I enjoyed a service group’s annual pancake breakfast with my sister.

National Pastry Day was Tuesday. I celebrated by stopping at my favorite eatery and picking up their delicious flavor of the month: Apple Carmel croissant. Yummy.

Faith’s Labor is moving along again. Thank you, God. Could not do it without Him.

Feeling like my world isn’t quite so dark.

Visited with writing friends at my favorite eatery. They’re wonderful women.

Great time with the dog.

What’s something good in your week?



  1. Praise God! 🙂 My week has been “bittersweet”: My youngest son has been home sick all week (after having the flu for the previous week). My husband and I are missing out on a getaway together, but my youngest son can’t seem to get enough of me! 🙂 It’s not everyday that he lets me love on him, read to him, and cuddle him. I wish he felt better, but from a “mom’s perspective” I’m treasuring the moments. (and he wrote me a beautiful 2 page love note!!!) Feeling Blessed! ( And wondering what I can cook tonight to make the husband feel better….hee, hee)

    • Sorry to hear your son has been ill and pray he is blessed with health and strength. Children grow up so quickly. Hope you’re able to find something to cheer your sweetheart.

  2. Very cool, Christmas Cactus! I’ve felt okay this week. 🙂

    • Sometimes, feeling okay is a good thing. I’m sharing more about my Christmas Cactus next week. 🙂 ((TR))

      • That would be great to see! ((Judy))

  3. My Christmas cactus has some blooms on it 🙂 Not as many as last year, but I’m stilled jazzed. It used to belong to my grandmother, so I’m happy I’ve managed to not kill it (I’m not great with indoor plants 😦 )

    My son comes home for winter break tomorrow. I’m hoping that will be a good thing.

    • How awesome that your Christmas cactus belonged to your grandmother. Over at “handmade. homegrown. beautiful life” Cynthia talked about how some people paint the name and year on the plant and pass it down. Like parrots, they live a long time so families will make arrangements for them in their will. I also learned that they’re really easy to propagate. I’ve lost my original plant, but I have pieces of him happily growing in new pots. I chose the Christmas cactus because I’m also terrible with plants. People say that African violets are easy; but I’ve managed to kill them all. I’m so happy to hear you have blooms! They’re so pretty. Hoping for more good things, for you, too.

      • I have a sad-looking african violet on my windowsill. It hasn’t bloomed in over a year but it’s hanging in.

        I love how your cactus has had a rebirth! I may try that with mine. My grandmother loved Christmas cacti so I was really happy to inherit one when she died.

  4. One plant becomes two … very cool. I’ve been thinking about trying to propagate some cuttings from an ivy that I have hanging on the back patio. I’m notoriously hard on plants, so I’m a bit afraid to go near it with snips.

    Congrats on the writing flowing more smoothly these days. I’m sure that’s a relief for you, and gives you room to focus on the task at hand. When we are trying to muddle through and force the writing, it never seems to work out. Much better when it feels natural again.

    My week has been up and down. Technical issues with my internet service had me wrangling and wrestling with my internet provider, but the issues appear to have finally been resolved (we hope). Some of the good things this week would include baking cookies (and trying a new recipe for peppermint sugar cookies), clearing some unpleasant tasks off my to-do list that usually linger on the list way too long, and being on the receiving end of a gift of plentiful produce (two varieties of tomatoes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, oranges, red grapes and some packaged pineapple chunks). Oh, and chocolate, too. Even though I can only eat chocolate in tiny increments these days, a tiny bite here and there is always a nice treat. 🙂

    • Ugh, hate when I have trouble with my internet. I feel so isolated. Yay for baking! I love baking. There is something uplifting about finishing tasks that have been hanging around too long. What a lovely gift of produce! Yummy.

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