Posted by: Judy | December 5, 2014

Good News Friday…

I heard an owl when I was out for my morning walk at the beginning of the week.

Created a physical toolbox.

Dog therapy! A very good thing. The difference I feel after a few days of spending time with BIL’s dog is astonishing.

Awesome bloggers opened so many doors for me, this week.

A lovely English drizzle in the desert. I was able to go for my morning walk and returned only a bit damp.

Apple carmel croissant (flavor of the month) at P.croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream, all enjoyed with a dear friend.

A good add to Scott Williams’ post on Invasive thinking:

What was something good in your week?


  1. Thanks for sharing this Judy. I have struggled with invasive thoughts for a long time. At first I didn’t know what they were, until I read an article about CPTSD. Then one night this summer I had gone to bed and my brain had started launching very upsetting intrusive thoughts. You know, of the type that makes you see every worst case scenario… and then, out of nowhere, this other thought popped in my head. It was as if I was “talking” directly to my brain. It said this -in a defiant manner- : “You are only a thought and you can not hurt me”. It worked, the terrorising thoughts stopped immediately. Now the trick is to remember to do that any time they come back 😉

    • You’re welcome. Sometimes, I think the toughest part is remembering the things that work. 🙄

  2. Sounds good to me. Watching the kittens have fun with the Christmas tree. 🙂

    • How fun!

  3. I finished reading “Happy New Year?” And loved it!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Another good thing for me, too! 🙂

  4. *wrapped and decorated gifts
    *visited some new blog buddies
    *tentatively explored drawing again
    *colored, with crayons, just because

    • Those are definitely good.

  5. I love owls! We used to have a horned owl living in our yard, but he moved on to find a mate.

    It’s so cool you made a physical toolbox 🙂

    • Glad I stirred a good memory. 🙂

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