Posted by: Judy | December 4, 2014

Change of plans…

I’d planned to share a blog on rethinking food. I’m saving it for next week.

I read Scott Williams’ post from the other day:

I knew a man, a leader at my local church, who was a wonderful example to me. He was loving and gentle, a great husband and father. His wife was funny and generous. Love was the hallmark of the home. I was in my late 20s, early 30s, and craved spending time with the family. He helped establish a group for young women survivors.

He taught me that a person could come from a horrible background and choose to not pass it on. It wasn’t until he started this group that he learned what kind of family his father had come from. He hadn’t known how horrible it was because his father made the decision that the abuse ended with him.

Then Scott posted this, yesterday:

I never thought of having an actual toolbox. I own my grandmother’s sewing box. It sits, collecting dust and mostly empty. I have some thread in there and a few needles. I like the idea of putting physical objects in there to remind me what tools are available to me.

Like Scott, I also forget to use the tools in my toolbox, especially when I’m stressed, like this past holiday. I have notes and pictures posted all over the place because I’m visual. I’m also tactile, which is why the straw works so well. I need to be doing something with my hands all the time.



  1. Want to press a love it button. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. Sometimes, when phrases or sayings get over-used, they end up losing their effectiveness. That’s how I used to think about the term “toolbox”. It seems everyone in business and healthcare latched onto that term, and it got thrown around in every direction. But in all reality, I still keep collecting various tools along the way, and it’s incredibly helpful to know that if one tool doesn’t work, perhaps another will. I also love the idea of a sewing kit. Any visual or representational object that gives you options has to be a good thing, right? Whether we’re using tools or stitches, we can always benefit from having as many options at our disposal as possible.

    • Options is a vital tool. I’ve already added a small book, to remind me reading is a good tool, and a straw! 🙂 I think I may take a picture of my toolbox… one of these days.

      • funny you mentioned the straw, as I am chewing on one right now, while reading your response

        I’ve never thought of physically assembling a visual representation of my toolbox. Interesting concept.

  3. I’m visual too. When I am with FOOs some images come to my mind. Like the one you post ‘The Battle is Real’, I remember this when I see them, cross the threshold. I like the idea of your grandmother’s sewing kit and using physical objects, that may be what I need for a reminder of the actual ‘tools’. Thank you.

    • I really need to learn to remember that image.

      I hope the physical reminder helps you. At this point, I’m simply enjoying collecting it. 🙂

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