Posted by: Judy | November 21, 2014

Good News Friday…

Hot chocolate and a croissant with my sister. Hot chocolate and a croissant at P.croissant anytime.

Lunch and conversation with a dear friend.

Edits for “Wings to Fly” are coming along nicely.

Blessedly cooler weather.

A few good nights’ sleep… better than I’ve had in a while anyway.

What was something good in your week?



  1. Yay for good nights sleeps!

    • Indeed!

  2. This week I had to put major effort into keeping a good mind set. Today my father is closing on our childhood home. Needless to say, this whole clearing out and selling process has drudged up a lot of stuff other than my mother’s clothes and old china. It would be great to be able to throw all the emotional stuff away along with everything else into some of those dumpsters. Hot chocolate and a croissant sounds like a great idea….

    • Sounds like a difficult day. Do something nice for you.

  3. My daughter and i went shopping and had lunch together. We managed to spend four hours rifling through merchandise and chatting about the holidays. We needed some girl-time away from the house, away from the problems of everyday life. She needed a day to feel normal again and we had so much fun. We also found some amazing bargains to cram in our closets. I bought an ankle-length coat that makes me look like a rich dowager and she, my traveling companion. Maybe we’ve watched too many movies?!

    • How positively delightful! What treasures you two collected! 🙂

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