Posted by: Judy | October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween…

Or in the case of the Cheez Burger website:




  1. I suppose I’ve become that grumpy old lady that lives down the street. It seems that Halloween, without young children or grandbabies to fuss over, just doesn’t carry any appeal for me at all. I’m the old lady that turns off her porch light and counts the hours until all the goblins go home. Perhaps there is more to it (such as the fact that even as kids, I usually wasn’t allowed to participate in the holiday), (or because the holiday falls very closely to my father’s birthday), (or because I worry about the poor pets that are sometimes mistreated on this day). Whatever the case, Halloween has never been too high on my list of favored holidays. Yep, I’m officially the grumpy old lady. 🙂

    • i used to enjoy seeing the kids come to the door in their costumes, but the last few years have brought children without costumes, simply asking for candy, along with teenagers and even adults. It isn’t fun, but more a little frightening. We also turn out the lights. I fear for the black cats. Someone asked me what my favorite costume was as a child. The only costume I remember was being dressed up as Mary, yes, the mother of Jesus. Not a happy year. I love decorating, and have a plethora of decorations for my own home. Someday, I’ll use them. Every year, I want to dress up, but end up not doing so… I suppose I enjoy watching others… now, doesn’t that sound pathetic? I have Halloweenish dishes I use all month long. Actually, I think it’s more a mark of the weather cool, which I love. 🙂

      • amen to that mark of cooler weather … we actually had a cool front blow in last night, taking us to the mid-seventies (which beats the upper 80’s and low 90’s we’ve been experiencing).

        I hadn’t planned on it, but leaving a comment on your blog inspired a post about my father, which I just hit Publish on. In some ways, I think I’ve been trying to write a post about my father for a long time, so this was sort of cathartic, in an easy and predictable way.

        I can only remember one real happy Halloween memory. My older sister was in the Bluebirds (the level before becoming a Girl Scout) and I was always so envious of her pretty uniform, and her sash with all the badges. I was never allowed to participate in that sort of thing, but once, for reasons I can’t remember, I got to tag along with her on an overnight Bluebird sleepover, and it happened to be during Halloween week. There were sleeping bags and giggling girls and yummy treats and Halloween decorations aplenty, and this group of eight or ten girls played all sorts of Halloween-themed games (and I got to watch, and even participate in a few). I ended up winning a silly plastic black spider ring, where the legs spread out over the top of my hand. It was deliciously scary looking, and I adored that silly spider ring.

        More than anything, I think, I enjoyed the phenomenon of being in a home where children laughed and played and squealed with delight, and the grownups giggled and passed out an abundance of hugs and kisses. It was like visiting a foreign land, and made a huge impact on me. I still remember the orange and black streamers hanging from the ceiling, and the carved out pumpkins, and the sticky popcorn balls. The cookies with orange pumpkin faces, and the candy corn and caramel apples. It was a little like getting to peek into another world, even if only for one night. It was heaven. 🙂

        • I was in Blue Birds, one year. My best friends mom was the leader. I was reminded by NM how expensive it was. Never mind all three brothers were in Scouts. Unfortunately, my best friend’s family was no healthier than mine. Sad. I love candy corn, popcorn balls, the treats, the decorations… no scary stuff. As my sister says, “If you live it, it isn’t entertainment.” So the fun stuff is what I enjoy. There are a few homes between work and home, and I love driving by, seeing the decorations. One has giant spiders crawling on the garage door. Pumpkins… I love decorations. Hmmm… I enjoy the out of the ordinary stuff. I also had one of those rings. I think I still have it, somewhere. 😀

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