Posted by: Judy | October 15, 2014


It started with this article over at Target Focus Fitness:

I know. It’s about weightlifting. Have I mentioned I’m stellar at adapting?

I spend a lot of time simply working to keep from slipping back into old habits.



  1. This is a lot like how I train to run faster. In order to get better, I have to do at least one workout a week where I push myself into some zone of discomfort. It isn’t necessary for every workout (actually, you risk injury if you do too much, too often), but the only way to get better is to get uncomfortable and realize you’ll make it through.

    • Hmmm… Never thought about doing it once a week so as to not overdo… Schedule something… I like having a schedule, a routine; it makes the other chaos feel more manageable. Thanks ((Judith))

      • The idea is that you want to stress the system a little, but not too much or it’ll freak out. I think it does apply to psychological things too. Doing anything cold turkey is really difficult. I only could quit drinking with the help of the medical staff at detox. Otherwise I was at risk for stroke or seizure. Baby steps! (Now I’m thinking about the movie What About Bob. 😀)

        • Wow. I never thought about the physical ramifications. Good to keep in mind.

          • Yah. It’s about adaptation which can be slow. With your PTSD you need to be kind to yourself 🙂

            • I’m learning. 🙂

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