Posted by: Judy | October 1, 2014

First of October…

Time to add to the Goal List.

Follow up: How am I doing so far…

1. No eggs. Yes

2. Make sleep a priority. Working on it

3. Don’t dismiss the inner voice. Working on it

4. Publish my first paperback. Working on it ~ Later this year

5. Enjoy and shut up. Working on it

6. Publish Valentine Delivery. Yes

7. No almonds. Yes

8. Turn in the manuscript due to my publisher. Yes

9. Publish the St. Patrick’s Day novella. Yes

10. Publish the Easter novella. Save it for next year

11. Do what is necessary to recover from my fall on March 29th. Working on it

12. Participate in Readers’ Conference. Yes

13. Rough draft of Tarnished KnightYes

14. Rough draft of Wings to FlyWorking on it 

15. Turn in Tarnished Knight on time. Yes

16. Turn in Wings to Fly. Done, today. Really. Okay, will be by the end of the day.

Adding a new one:

17. Publish novella Faith’s Labor.

18. Give losing 2 lb a week a try.



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