Posted by: Judy | September 29, 2014

Deadline coming…

We had a frog-strugglin’ gully-washer downpour, this past weekend. Before the rain fell I saw this in the yard:

100_2264 Amazing. This is the toadstool next to my size 10 shoe and size 10 foot in a shoe:



  1. Ha! Way to keep it light 😉

    • Thank you. 😀

  2. wow – that’s one monster toadstool … very cool. Huge!

    BTW, cute shoes. I like the gathered top-stitching at the toe. 🙂

    • As you can see, I also love those shoes so much they are falling apart. 🙂 So difficult to find cute and comfortable flats.

      • I’ve actually had such a hard time finding comfortable flats, that I’ve entertained the idea of trying to make some myself (along the lines of the scrunch ballet flats from Old Navy). I once saw someone sitting in an outpatient surgery waiting room, and she had on the cutest pair of flats I’ve ever seen, and when I asked her about them, she told me she made them herself, because she could never find flats she liked. After about then tries, she came up with the pair she was wearing that day. Of course, I asked her for her phone number, and promptly lost the number the next day. The one that got away!

        • Oh, no! I want the pattern! 🙂 I never thought of making my own shoes.

          • I KNOW!!! I remember being so surprised when she told me she had made them herself, using nothing much more than fabric scraps, discarded soles from a pair that were terribly uncomfortable, a hot glue gun, and some bits of elastic. They were sparkly, without being garish. The fabric was a stretchy sort of fabric, with bits of silver and gold metallic thread woven throughout. They were very tasteful and appropriate for all occasions, and clearly also quite comfortable.

            It’s been in the back of my brain ever since. I’m in the midst of other projects right now, but maybe, someday soon. Maybe. 🙂

            • Hmmm… I wonder if I could do something similar with these… Oh, the possibilities… 🙂

  3. But no caterpillar with a hooka hanging out on it? Bummer.

    • Don’t think I have enough of the rabbit hole going on in my life already? 😉

  4. Yikes. lol!!!

    • 🙂

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