Posted by: Judy | September 15, 2014

God Wink turns into a God hug…

I woke yesterday morning discouraged. I have less than 3 weeks to finish the next manuscript, and my brain has been murky at best. My allergies have been bothering me, a lot. It’s difficult to think. My weight hit a new high. I’d woken after sleeping 14 hours. Never a good sign for me. I feel like such a failure, in every regard, except my ability to keep facing each new day, no matter how much I don’t want to endure more failure.

The first blog I read was from My Journey of Healing…

How many times have I repeated the same mistakes?

I was reminded I wasn’t alone. I’m not the only one who struggles to improve and slips up.

The next blog I read was from We Are One’s PTSD blog…

I needed the reminder to keep searching for inspiration and to use it to help me face each day.

She reminded me of Evan Sanders’ blog. It was starred in my email to read, but I hadn’t done it yet because there were some video clips. I wanted to make sure I had the time to watch them without the pressure of other things I needed to be doing.

What were the sacrifices I was willing to make to reach my goal?

Yes, as insane as my home life is it has made it possible for me to pursue my writing.

I have felt guilty about making that choice.

I have 8 novels, 1 short story, and 4 novellas published, with another novel at the publisher’s, one due, and another novella being prepped for publishing next month, 3 more novels contracted, and a series of novellas planned, some partially written. It wasn’t an easy choice, but I did make a choice.

The Lord saw fit to cap off the reminder of how aware of me He truly is with one more blog by Holley Gerth and her meme “God wants to encourage you today.”

If that weren’t enough, God sent one more from Roy Lessin, one of my favorite inspirational encouragers, in case there might be any doubt:


  1. I’m glad to hear that you are able to receive some encouragement from various sources, and that it is helping you to adjust your perspective, even if only as a reminder that there is inspiration out there, available to us, if only we can remember to be open to it, and accept it. Sometimes when we get caught up in the cycle of darkness, it can be difficult to remember where to look for inspiration, even though it is all around us, all of the time.

    • Thanks ((ntexas99))

  2. You are one who never ceases to encourage me, Judy. We fall into the trap of feeling alone, again and again. That’s where we are met in the middle, just at the right time, with something we need…either a friend to help us (sometimes they don’t even know it) or something else entirely. Thank you for being MY source of inspiration and encouragement!

    • Glad I could help. You’ve seen me through a few dark patches as well. ((lifebegins45))

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