Posted by: Judy | September 4, 2014


I’ve seen a number of quotes lately that triggered my need to explore why I think the way I do.

I enjoy Pinterest. One of my boards is “Quotes.” I follow several Pinners who share quotes.

Lately, I’ve seen quotes that shunned asking “Why?” It’s implied, or stated plainly, that a person who asks “Why me?” is somehow… wrong to do so. They’re “bad.” They lack faith. They’re horrible for questioning God.

Here’s what I see as the problem: Why is not a bad word. It isn’t a bad question.

Treating it like it is doesn’t change the real problem. In fact, treating “why” like it’s the problem is a smoke screen for the real problem. It’s a diversion from the real problem.

The real problem: Intention. Attitude. The condition of the heart.

I rarely ask, “Why me?” Somewhere along the way, long ago, I also picked up, “Why not me?”

The problem isn’t the question.

Children ask “Why” incessantly. It’s expected and should be encouraged. Asking questions is an important way for children to learn. It drives adults crazy, usually because they don’t know the answer or they tire of repeating themselves. Fortunately, God is an infinitely patient parent.

Here’s the two perspectives: There’s the whining and then there’s the seeking.

The difference is in the person’s desire to learn. One wants the problem to go away, simply take it away, make it go away. The other is a desire to understand and learn and grow and change.

Some people will think I’m being picky, arguing semantics, missing the point. I’m a writer. Words are my stock and trade. I’m not the only person who feels this way and not all of them are writers. Besides, this isn’t about anyone else understanding my perspective. This is me working out why I feel the way I do about a simple word. “Why?” “Because” is an unsatisfying answer and frankly lazy. “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer.

God is the only one who will never use “I don’t know.” Sometimes, God provides an answer in scripture study, a prompting in you heart, someone talks to you, a beautiful sunrise, a rose in bloom, you do something for someone else, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes the process is part of learning the answer.

So ask “Why?” every day and see what happens. Because sometimes the most important “Why” is the why I ask myself. “What is my why?” “Why am I doing what I’m doing?” “Why does it matter to me?” “Why am I hanging onto something that doesn’t work?” “Why won’t I let go of what is hurting me?” “Why do I wake up every morning?” “Why am I not seeking and doing what makes me a better person and makes me happier?” “Why am I choosing to remain stuck?” “Why do I allow the negative tape to switch on and stay on?”

God’s willing and able and waiting to help me answer my whys, all I need to do is ask “Why?”


  1. Great post! Words are important, they are used to heal, motivate, insult, bully, etc. They are tools in which our intentions become clear. I hear you on the list of ‘why’ questions.

    • Thanks ((TR))

  2. […] loaded question.  Judy explored her perspective of why over on her blog I’ve thought all day about her post.  Did you know that to me one of the most important […]

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