Posted by: Judy | September 3, 2014

How often was this thrown at me…

“So many others have it worse than you!”

Dr. Dee Rajska shared her perspective:

I’m recovering from meeting the deadline to submit my manuscript. This includes reestablishing healthy sleeping and eating habits.

My Sunday sessions with myself, reviewing the previous week, have become increasingly detailed and helpful. I’ve discovered patterns in my writing, an ebb and flow. I am doing better with my eating.

Granted my sleeping was turned topsy-turvy with the writing deadline. I simply don’t sleep as much. The urgency to finish overrides everything else. It isn’t something I’m able to maintain on a permanent basis. Once the deadline is met, my body demands the sleep of which I’ve deprived it.

Finishing a manuscript is a bit like emptying my brain of everything in it. I struggle to string words and sentences together for a while. It’s a bit frustrating when I need to move on to the next project.


  1. I liked the article. I try and stop myself from saying that phrase to myself. I find that if I don’t deal with my feelings I end up handling them disproportionately – which in way then justifies that phrase.

    Congrats on finishing the manuscript and rest well.

    • Good point, TR. It’s important to keep perspective but not discount.

      Thanks. ((TR))

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