Posted by: Judy | August 25, 2014

The Better Man Project…

Recently, Evan posted the following:

As I read about Ebb, Flow, and Crash, I recognized my own trouble in attempting to be only one and the difficulty it causes me. Until reading Evan’s post, I never considered the trifecta idea.

Sometimes, I need to remind myself that I was brutally expected to be essentially smooth as glass at all times. Not too happy. Not too sad. Never sick. Never too rambunctious. I was also expected to smooth over everyone else’s chopped seas. The astonishing part is that I succeeded as much as I did. Success wasn’t without a price.

In order to maintain perfect peace, one must sacrifice joy, excitement, anger, sorrow, grief, delight… the roller coaster of life, the normal and healthy hills and valleys… It requires taking a steamroller to life and flattening it. The smooth road looks great to everyone else. They want to travel it because it looks so easy. Until a sink hole appears.

Maybe if I stopped fighting the trifecta but instead embraced it I’d see different results. It’s worth a try.


  1. I enjoyed this article and hearing your thoughts. It helped me look at my attempts at being only one. How even keel doesn’t really get me to where I want to be. Sometimes being in the extreme – overjoyed is ok too. Sometimes anger is needed. Life isn’t one smooth path, it is bumpy, sometimes rocky, sometimes grassy.

    • Exactly! And none of those is wrong. 🙂

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