Posted by: Judy | July 16, 2014

Step 1 List Fears…

As I started writing, paper and pen, I realized I’ve done this before, repeatedly.

I’m afraid of a lot of things:

Becoming sick.

Being a hypochondriac.

Yeah, the humor isn’t lost on me.


Going to the hospital.

See the above.

Heights… falling.

See the above.

Bugs landing on me. A healthy distance isn’t too much of a problem, but I’ve had cockroaches fly into my hair, grasshoppers attach themselves to the underside of my nightdress and thrown into the tub with me, for starters.


The electricity going out so there’s no access to my computer or the A/C.

Being assaulted.

Being in a car accident. I’ve never had one that was my fault.

Being used.

Being wrong and thereby proven I’m stupid.

Being alone and not having enough alone time. Yes, I noticed the contradiction. Welcome to my world.

Being fat. I know, already there, so afraid I can’t lose the weight.

I’m saving the big one for tomorrow’s post.

My sister made an interesting observation: Is it awfulizing if you’re worried about things that have actually happened to you happening again?


  1. Hugs. We were trained to be afraid.

    • True.

  2. These are all pretty normal fears, but I guess the big issue is how much they debilitate you from living life.

    • I like the idea of them being normal fears. It makes them less… ominous… more ordinary. Good point about how much they debilitate me. Sometimes, I think they cripple me, and yet, I know that isn’t true. Tomorrow’s post is the opportunity to face the biggest fear… the one that does debilitate me.

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