Posted by: Judy | May 23, 2014

Surprise results…

…from yesterday’s goal.

I’m not as nasty with myself about my looks as I thought I was. Or, maybe it changed because of what I wrote yesterday. Can’t be sure, now.

What did happen:

I made sure my clothes were nice. I stopped and made myself look in the mirror. Straight on, you can’t tell how heavy I am. From the side, yep, you can. I didn’t turn sideways. 😀

Maybe I was a little more grateful for what I could do.

I did a little driving, and it was a bit painful in the injured ankle and arm. I’m glad I don’t have to drive every day. I also picked up more arnica.

Now, I wonder if I can do it again today?


  1. I’m reading this book called Elite Minds that is primarily a sports psychology book, but man oh man does it ever pertain to the rest of my life. Basically, it’s talking about confronting the truth about yourself (vs trying to hide in being “happy”) and also reconstructing false beliefs about yourself, especially those drummed into you as a child. I was thinking about how this book can help ACoNs as much as any athlete. I may do a post when I finish the book. My running coach is also sending a DVD by the same author.

    Anyway, didn’t your sister do a lovely photograph of you that was posted at one time? That’s how I see you in my mind’s eye.

    • I’m interested in hearing more about the book, PV. I’ve noticed in my own studies that a lot of the athlete philosophies apply to abuse survivors.

      Thank you, yes she did. I also realized that loving my body isn’t about how it looks but being grateful for what it can do. There is a lot my body can’t do, like run a marathon 😉 , but being grateful for what it can do is… heartwarming.

  2. Thanks Pandora, It is a picture of how I see her, too. My sister is beautiful to me. Being the older sister, my earliest memories are of her and her spirited enthusiasm. I was so happy to have a sister….still am. Love you Judy.

    • Love you, too (((Ruth)))

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