Posted by: Judy | May 21, 2014

A few of my new changes…

Last Sunday, I focused on something I’ve been thinking about.

All my life, I’ve pushed and pushed and pushed. I’ve kept my life busy… thinking it was full. With messing up my dominant hand, I’ve had no choice but to slow down and reconsider my plans.

Last year, I planned to write a short story a month as well as writing the full-length novels I’m contracted to write for my publishing company. Of the 12 planned stories, I’ve completed 3. The 4th is in the works and will be published by the end of the month. I’ve shifted gears and plan to write two more, this year. Instead of writing 12 short stories a year, I plan to write 6 and then make those 6 into a single paperback for those who don’t care for ebooks. I think this is doable.

I’m cutting back on my time spent on Pinterest and FB. It’s taking up too much of my writing time.

I’ve cut two trips out of town — both trips — from my schedule. Both wonderful opportunities, but more than I’m able to do without triggering my PTSD, not to mention the mess I’ve made of my ankle and arm. I’m sad to be missing out on the adventures, and yet there’s also an immense sense of relief. I only need to worry about one day at a time. I need to take care of me and ensure I heal. I don’t want a repeat of what I did to my back, which is what happens when you favor one side of your body.

I’ve only been doing this new slow down a couple of days. The good news is that I’m writing again. What a relief. Thanks, God.


  1. It’s so good you can slow down and take care of yourself while still meeting some of your (adjusted) goals. That’s why God gave us so many tomorrows, so we don’t have to do it all today.

    • Hard to remember sometimes, especially when there’s that unpleasant little voice in my head reminding me to hurry… oh… NM still has too much power in my life. I suppose this me taking my power back. Thanks for helping me recognize the underlying message I didn’t even realize was there. ((rootstoblossom))

  2. I’ve been revising some goals myself. It’s important to not continually beat ourselves up. My goals are still there, but I, approaching them in a way that is good for me rather than an excuse to rip myself to shreds. Fingers crossed that we both can keep being good to ourselves. 🙂

    • Go us! 😀

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