Posted by: Judy | April 30, 2014

Much rejoicing…

The last two years, the summer heat came on too fast and roasted my poor blackberries. No blackberry jam.

Yesterday evening, my dad suggested I check out the bushes. I ate some and saved some. Should the weather hold for the next few days, I may actually have enough for blackberry jam. Woohoo!

My sister and I laughed through the trip to pick up my transcribing work. The laugh so hard you almost cry. We didn’t quite reach hysterically funny, but we were close. It was great.

I enjoyed the lazy day. I did set up the document for Tough Luck, but I didn’t make any attempt to write much.

My eating is better.

My sleeping is better.

I’m exercising, despite the elbow that refuses to straighten.

I’m really happy about the blackberries. Making jam will be difficult with my arm in the condition it is but not impossible. Challenging! It will be challenging.

Today, I’ll be doing a midweek review. With finishing a rough draft, everything in my head shifts. I don’t know why… For those who watch Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock, the way he sorts through information in his head is an excellent depiction. File what I don’t need, and shuffle things around so what I need is toward the forefront.

Yes, I’m feeling like myself and in more control than I have been in a long while.


  1. Yum, blackberry jam. Love laughter that makes you cry. 🙂

    • 🙂

  2. Blackberry jam sounds like it’s worth the challenge 🙂

    • Definitely worth it. 🙂

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