Posted by: Judy | April 29, 2014

Brain goes blank…

I’ve finished the rough draft of Tough Luck, the fourth novella in my Holiday, USA series. FINALLY! It’s only almost two months late. It feels good to have finished. What a relief.

Other writes complain about being worried they’ll never write again after finishing a book. I’ve never felt that way, until these past few months. I struggled and fought for every word. Giving myself a short break, then diving back into the next story.

I’d still rather write than do almost anything else. I’m happier, more content, more at peace, more confident, more like… me.

My writing music of late has been Ladyhawke, the movie score, The Piano Guys, one of their Christmas albums, and The Hobbit, the movie score. Works for me.

My shoulders are drifting down from around my ears, back where they’re supposed to be.

The injuries improve a little every day. I still can’t straighten my elbow. Bah! However, as long as I see improvement, no matter how small, I call it good.

Eating’s a bit weird. NM has been home more than usual, so my kitchen access is almost nil. I love bread, so I’m doing all right. I’m not as edgy as I usually am. However, I really think it’s a lot to do with finishing the novella. I hope to have it published soon.

Sleeping is… interesting. I’ve bragged about the wonders of frankincense and myrrh. I talked it over with my sister and I wonder if it’s actually more about the way I’ve cocooned myself in my bed. Pillows along my back, pillows under my leg, pillows tucked under my sore arm. I’m essentially surrounded by pillows. I do like the scent of the frankincense and myrrh. They’re calming and allow me to focus my thoughts.

P.S. Sorry to those who received the first notice about the post. I forgot to set the schedule. Welcome to my OCD. It has to be posted on the scheduled day, not a few hours early. Don’t mind me.


  1. Way to go! Glad to hear the elbow is improving each day. xx

    • Thanks, TR!

  2. I always try propping with pillows and it helps to fall asleep but I always kick them around in my sleep. I do like the smell of frankincense and myrrh

    • I haven’t tossed the pillows out of bed yet, but they aren’t where I put them when I went to sleep. 🙄 I also like the combination of scents.

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