Posted by: Judy | April 28, 2014

Follow up thought on Sundae Sessions…

Invisible Shadow shared:

Only the Lamb is perfect. Humans sin. If we never sinned, what would be the point of repentance and the Atonement? We wouldn’t need Jesus. It is because we make mistakes that Jesus came to earth to free us from sin and death.

Granted, He can’t free us from consequences. When we sin we turn away from God. A painful experience because He is light and love. We turn back, and He is there to comfort.

I like “The Princess Bride” perspective. “Life is pain. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.” Life is pain because we make mistakes, because others hurt us, because life happens.

Pain and guilt are not the same thing.

Pain isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As I recover from my fall, pain tells me I’m not done recovering yet. It helps me be aware of what I’m able to do and what I’m not. My physical therapist encouraged me to work until I was in a little discomfort. If I was in pain, I was doing too much or doing it wrong.

The only one still beating me up over my clumsiness is me. I need to stop that. It’s a habit I need to replace not with praising myself for being clumsy but accepting myself as I am. Imperfect. God accepts me and loves me anyway. He isn’t the one beating me up. Old habits taught me at a young age have kicked in.

Because of Jesus, I need not continue to experience the pain of wrongs I’ve done in the past. It’s okay; I’ll make plenty of new mistakes. I make mistakes every day. Because of Jesus, I need not wallow or drown in guilt and pain. He promises to help me bear the burden of my life, if I’ll share it with Him. It isn’t easy, sharing all the dirt and ugliness with someone perfect.

My sister shared her perspective of the Savior with me, and it changed mine. So often, people depict Jesus as pristine, spotless, perfect. My sister sees Jesus covered in dirt, not because He has sinned but because He digs through the muck and the mire to find us and drag us out if only we’ll take His hand. He doesn’t complain about having to repeat the process, again and again. Instead, He rejoices each and every time we grab hold and hang on to Him.

I see a dirt-smudged face with twinkling eyes and a bright smile. He wraps me in His arms because I chose Him over staying where I was. He laughs at my feeble attempts to brush off the mud, encouraging me to laugh with Him. He sets me on my feet, and we walk along together. Something distracts me, and I pull away and fall into another mud puddle. And it starts all over again.


  1. So true “Pain isn’t necessarily a bad thing.” Pain also reminds us we are still alive.

    • Yes!

    • And you know you’re alive when you taste your own blood,
      Open hands to the sky with your face in the mud
      -The Choir, “We All Know” (How Suffering Feels)

      • My sister and I talk about how it’s the pain that reminds us we’re not dead yet.

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