Posted by: Judy | April 25, 2014

A bit of gratitude…

…is in order.

I’m attempting to have more of an attitude of gratitude.

Yesterday morning, I endeavored to simply enjoy my morning walk and not notice too much the discomfort. It was lovely. I confess, as the day progresses and my ankle swells and my arm grows increasingly uncomfortable my cheerful disposition… falters. 🙂

So far, my eating is much improved. I’m working hard to think about what I’m eating and to question whether or not I’m actually hungry. It’s horrifying how often I eat for reasons other than hunger.

I’m still sleeping a lot. It bothers me because I don’t want to sleep my life away. I have things to do! Books to write! Okay, this is about my sleep cutting in on my writing time. I want to complete the next novella. There are only a couple chapters left to write. I can almost taste it!

I’ve added another author to my No List. Sadness. I really hate this trend toward wimpy women who masquerade as strong but are so… not healthy! I want to advise the writer to send their women to counseling, immediately. A memory trickles back of me saying something about if I wrote characters like that I’d write murder mysteries instead of romance novels, and I  know who would die first. I blame the current trend, which I don’t write, by the way. Please, someone smack me if I ever go down that road. I don’t mean the indecision, which someone complained about (someone who doesn’t read romance). Yes, romance is pretty much about a battle with indecision. There. The truth. Being an abuse survivor, I’m more than familiar with the problem, so I write about it. I don’t like deliberately stupid or wishy-washy. Though I do like it when my characters recognize such flaws in themselves.


  1. Murder mysteries have some awesome possibilities.

    • I’m actually not much of a fan of murder mysteries. Okay, so I love Agatha Christie and Brother Cadfael, but I never had the desire to write it. 🙂

  2. You are making good strides, it would seem. I am cheering you on and trying to do the same.

    • Thanks, Beth. Go you!

  3. Not wanting to offend in any way, I’ve always had great difficulty in trying to read anything that might be considered in the “romance” genre. In my case, I think it has something to do with the fact that my real-life history carries so many very dark and life-threatening chapters, all filled to the brim with the gritty reality of danger and pain and suffering. I’ve walked miles and miles on the wrong side of some of the most unseemly of railroad tracks, as it were, so I think that makes it particularly difficult to allow myself to become immersed in a softer and gentler version of life, much less to find myself lost in a story of unrequited love, or a yearning for a happier-ever-after. Suspending disbelief and surrendering to an enchanting tale are very difficult for me, and although I still wonder if there might not be a time when that would be an option for me, unfortunately, for today, I have to just accept that my reading tends to run in the direction of murder mystery or very intricately woven tales of adventure.

    Put another way, I have always poked fun at my sister, who enjoys watching animated Disney movies or getting lost in various sitcoms on television. She wouldn’t be caught dead watching a murder mystery, or even something remotely resembling any sort of real-life struggle. No courtroom dramas for her, or hospital shows, or complicated plot lines. She leans in the direction of pure escapism, the fluffier and softer, the better.

    The fact that my version of escapism is exactly the opposite (the more intricate and complicated the story line, the better) just points to how two people that grew up in the same house found their own way of surviving the brutality and fear that were abundant in our home. One immersed themselves in fantasy, while the other buried themselves in complexity.

    The one thing we BOTH agree on is that we avoid the horror genre completely. We had enough things in our life to be frightened about when we were younger, and we take no pleasure at all from scaring ourselves half to death. No slasher movies or kids lost in the woods in the dark of night for us, thanks. We’ll stick to something a bit less gory.

    Congrats on continuing to be aware of your food choices, and making progress. I do hope you continue to physically heal a bit more every day, until the pain recedes completely, and you can get back to navigating your days without the discomfort taking center stage.

    • My sister and I agree that horror is never an option. When you live it, it isn’t entertainment.

      No offense taken. I know romance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t like what’s considered popular in romance. Too many romance novels contain incredibly unhealthy characters, and they don’t improve by the end of the book except now they’re unhealthy together. *shudder* There are hundreds of authors on my “no” list and less than sixty (dwindling at an alarming rate) on my “yes” list. It’s actually part of the reason I started writing romance. I really do write what I want to read. It isn’t popular. When I took my plan to God, I told Him I’d be happy if I touched one person. For almost every book, one person has told me how the book changed/affected their life for the better. I feel guilty for complaining about not selling as well as I’d like. I’ve accomplished my goal.

      I used to own all the Disney movies, but interestingly enough, as I’ve become healthier, I don’t enjoy them as much. I love NCIS, but don’t care for much of anything else on television, unless it’s NASCAR, of course. 🙂

      Anxiety-inducing books are not for me. 😀

      Thank you, I am doing better every day. It will be a relief when I’m able to do my regular routines without guarding.

      • My sister once insisted that I watch The Lion King with her, and despite all my complaining and whining and carrying on, I do have to admit that the story was beautifully told. And yes, I even cried.


        • I think I like the music best. 🙂

  4. The wimpy woman trend… I blame Twilight. I hate hate hate those books. Badly written and a horrible message for girls.

    You might want to see a doctor about your injuries. It’s been awhile since you were hurt. I hope you’re ok.

    • LOL! Twilight and 50 Shades. I actually read Twilight so I could talk to my nieces, including talking about what was wrong with the relationships. 🙂 By the time I finished I was impressed by Meyer’s world building skills. She took a genre with decades of rules, and she mixed it up and made it her own. I’ll never write paranormal though.

      I’ve thought about seeing a doctor, but there isn’t much they can do if nothing’s broken or even if the elbow is broken there’s nothing they can do. As long as I’m improving every day, I’m holding off. 🙂

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